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As a team of 20+ dedicated HubSpot experts, we want to work with commitment and together with our customers on their projects, grow with the challenges and support our customers constantly and continuously. As sparring partners, we pave the way for business success together with our customers' teams. We align our actions with the growth in sales, the increase in operational efficiency and the customer orientation of marketing, sales and professional services. We aim at connecting data from the sales, marketing and professional services departments and offering businesses a holistic view of their customers across every touchpoint of the customer journey. We integrate processes for marketing, sales and professional services and break down silos between departments. We want to design revenue operations (all customer-oriented steps & processes) to be more integrated and efficient. We are convinced that this has a direct and positive impact on the success of a company.


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Who we are working with

  • 3 strategic partnerships
  • 5+ partner agencies (development & design)
  • > 10 international partnerships
  • > 10 active editors in our network
  • Member of an agency-partner-landscape with more than 3.000 agencies worldwide

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Where we come from

In 2011, we founded TRIALTA as an inbound marketing agency. In the early days, we practised inbound marketing without knowing that this approach actually existed. Due to the multitude of tools and the time required for operating them, we defined a strategic range of topics from the challenges in everyday business: applying an integrated marketing and sales approach that we support 100 percent and support this using software so that we can provide our partners with more transparency, efficiency, and measurability. We stipulated this strategy in 2013 and consolidated it with the right decisions in terms of methodology and software in 2014. This led us to become one of the first dedicated inbound marketing agencies in Germany. Since then, we have continuously developed our portfolio to offer “more than just inbound marketing”: TRIALTA has become a partner for inbound marketing, sales and recruiting. True to our motto “grow with inbound”, not only our customers grew – TRIALTA did as well. The merger with Hoppe 7 in October 2020 reorganized TRIALTA. From our offices in Nuremberg and Regensburg, we work for and with B2B customers on all customer-oriented processes.